Experience Tasmania

Tasmania is more than just a destination; it’s an experience. From its rugged coastlines and lush rainforests to its vibrant arts scene and culinary delights, Tasmania offers a diverse array of attractions that cater to all tastes and interests. The friendly locals, relaxed atmosphere, and easy access to natural wonders make it an ideal place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Embark on a journey like no other as you explore the untamed wonders of Tasmania, from the tranquil shores up to the majestic Rocky Ridge and beyond to the breathtaking Freycinet Peninsula. Here, amidst the whispers of the wind and the songs of the sea, you’ll discover a realm where time stands still and nature reigns supreme.

But the Eastern Coastline is more than just a feast for the senses; it’s a playground for the adventurous soul. Hike through ancient forests teeming with life, where towering eucalyptus trees reach for the sky and hidden waterfalls cascade into crystal-clear streams. Kayak along rugged cliffs and hidden coves, discovering secret corners of the coast accessible only by sea.

And when the day’s adventures come to an end, retreat to the comfort of your own private haven, where luxury meets wilderness

Rocky Hills, Tasmania

An hour and half north of Hobart on the East Coast of Tasmania, Rocky Hills looks out towards the Freycinet Peninsula. Days here are spent taking in the sea, looking for whales, painting the ever-changing landscape or venturing to Swansea to devour a plate of freshly shucked oysters.

If oysters aren’t on the agenda, then Kate’s Berry Farm should be. Forage and fill a picnic basket with local produce that tastes every bit juicier for having picked it yourself. There are fresh berries, walnuts, olives, ice-cream, artisanal chocolates and even some berry wine.

Feeling adventurous? Get lost boulder-hopping over orange lichen covered rocks that surround Spiky Beach before plunging into the fresh, turquoise waters.

For those not brave enough to dip a toe beyond the sand, the bridge nearby, named aptly after its appearance, has is a wonderful piece of colonial architecture built in the 1840s.


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