Australian holiday destinations that inspire.

Diverse. Distinctive. Unequalled.

Australia’s landscape is often described as some of the most remarkable and beautiful in the world. Discover the wildlife, the vast rolling seas, the beaches that stretch for miles, and the countryside that on one side offers lush rainforests and the other ochre soils. Find the secluded unknown vistas which are at the top of peaks thick with gum trees or overlooking sparse outback plains.

Your key to exploring the land where nature rules is to stumble on the architectural wonders and hidden homes that hold all the secrets to uncovering the mysteries of the land. They sometimes blend into their surrounds, at other times they stand tall, a juxtaposition to their backdrop, but all allow you a moment to rest, relax and appreciate the magnitude of beauty around you.

Each of our curated homes goes hand in hand with a curated place, making these some of the best Australian holiday destinations that you can stay.

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Pull up a deck chair on your balcony overlooking panoramic views of the sea at Rocky Hill, Tasmania

Rocky Hills, Tasmania

An hour and half north of Hobart on the East Coast of Tasmania, Rocky Hills looks out towards the Freycinet Peninsula. Days here are spent taking in the sea, looking for whales, painting the ever-changing landscape or venturing to Swansea to devour a plate of freshly shucked oysters.

If oysters aren’t on the agenda, then Kate’s Berry Farm should be. Forage and fill a picnic basket with local produce that tastes every bit juicier for having picked it yourself. There are fresh berries, walnuts, olives, ice-cream, artisanal chocolates and even some berry wine.

Feeling adventurous? Get lost boulder-hopping over orange lichen covered rocks that surround Spiky Beach before plunging into the fresh, turquoise waters.

For those not brave enough to dip a toe beyond the sand, the bridge nearby, named aptly after its appearance, has is a wonderful piece of colonial architecture built in the 1840s.

Wooli, New South Wales

A jewel of the Clarence Valley, Wooli is wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Wooli Wooli River and is just 20-minutes by boat to the Solitary Islands. Life on the water here is as natural as the air that we breathe. If you don’t have a surf board, fishing rod, kayak or SUP attached to your vehicle you’re doing something wrong.

With the Solitary Islands Marine Park so close, the area around Wooli has a vast array of wildlife and a healthy ecosystem to sustain it. Stingrays, whales, tropical and subtropical fish, mud crabs, and turtles are just some of the new friends that you’ll meet.

Mother Nature doesn’t let you down on land either, with ample coastal hikes in Yuraygir National Park that will take you through forests, heaths, wetlands, and rocky outcrops.

Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Forresters Beach, New South Wales

Quaint and coastal, Forresters Beach is one destination that might have slipped your attention until now.

Situated on the Central Coast, just a short drive North of Sydney, you won’t find anything fast paced here. Instead embrace the slow. Welcome each new day at dawn and be treated to the wonders of the East Coast of Australia. Watch as keen surfers make their way to the waves, perhaps even ponder whether to join them?

Books are best read ocean side, with the birds chirping along to each page that you turn. A walk to to Wyrrabalong lookout might be on the cards post lunch, or a drive to Wamberal Beach and Spoon Bay to take in the sights from the neighbouring stretch of coast.

Mount Woolooma, New South Wales

The ultimate secluded adventure. Mount Woolooma rises 1319, above sea level near Barrington Tops in countryside New South Wales, is a destination that might have escaped your list. However, it’s one we highly recommend adding.

Surround yourself with iconic Australian bushland. Immerse yourself in your surrounds and connect with what truly matters.

This is a landscape that inspires.